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The "Bijambare" Protected Landscape

About the area

When travellers driving on the Tuzla-Sarajevo main road, from the direction of the River Ljubina valley, get to a point that is some 150 meters higher in altitude, they find themselves at the opening of the spacious Nišićka Plateau. There are wavy mountain meadows extending to west and north side of the plateau, while on its south and east sides great, thick forests grow. The rocky, calcareous ridges appear in several spots, making the entire landscape look like a unique nature complex. The high natural values of the wider Bijambare area have been identified and corroborated in the study “Valorisation of the Natural Values of the Bijambare Area” by the Cantonal Institute for Protection of the Cultural, Historical and Natural Heritage, Sarajevo, in cooperation with the Centre for Ecology and Natural Resources of the Faculty of Science, University of Sarajevo. Based on these values the Law on announcing protection of the Bijambare area was adopted at the Sarajevo Cantonal Assembly on 25 September 2003.
The Law identifies the protection category, borders and overall size of the area, spatial zoning (dependant on the level of protection three protection areas have been established), protection measures, types of interventions, as well as provisions related to use and management of this area. The protected Bijambare landscape includes the area of 497 ha and is established for the purpose of landscape protection, research, environmental education and recreation and tourism.